Payment Methods

On, you can use the following payment methods:’s Fast Checkout allows you to store your credit card information so you don’t need to enter it again when you next shop.


Vat and invoicing information

The purchasing services on are exclusively reserved for end consumers. The prices shown include VAT. issues an invoice for every order placed. This document will be sent as an attachment with the delivery confirmation email for your package, and can also be viewed via your customer account.

Please note: once the order has been confirmed, you will not be able to change the information you have entered, nor will we be able to issue a new invoice.

Payment security 

Every payment made on is highly secure due to the use of certified secure servers. Furthermore, we only use secure connections, as indicated by the “https” prefix and the padlock in the address bar of the browser.

In order to secure credit card payments, you will be asked to enter your card’s security code with each order. As an additional security measure to authorize payment, the bank that issued your card may require you to enter a unique password, SMS code or use another authentication method.

In addition, the Payments department may carry out checks and contact you before approving the transaction and confirming the order in order to combat fraud, guarantee your protection and request more information.


Why can’t I complete my order? 

Check your payment details are correct. If you are paying by credit card and are asked to enter a one-time password, SMS code or another authentication method to authorize payment, make sure that you have followed all the instructions given to you by your credit card company.

If the problem persists, we suggest you contact the issuer of your card and, in the meantime, use another means of payment.

For assistance, contact us. We will be happy to help you.


When will my credit card be charged? 

When you place an order, we will carry out a quick verification of your credit card and the availability of funds. This is done to ensure that your payment is secure. You will then receive an email indicating that your amount has been debited.’


Why is the amount I paid differently from my order total? 

The amount paid will be less than the order total if one or more items ordered are not available when the order is prepared. The amount paid, therefore, corresponds to the items that have been shipped.

Why do I have multiple debits when I only placed one order? guarantees that your order total will be charged to your credit card only once. However, it is possible that the amount will appear twice on your credit card statement. If this is the case, the first amount corresponds to the payment authorization made at the time of the order and the second amount corresponds to the amount actually debited.